Cyber musa

The Musashi first appeared in the year 2061 and claimed to be a cell of Yakuza when the organization was still prevalent outside of Japan. Whatever lofty allegiances the gang began with have long since been severed. The Musashi now are only synonymous with one thing: petty crime. They’ve taken up residence in Olde Aurora and currently run rackets in gun running, tech cannibalism, and above all drugs; Specifically Immersion (known as “Make Believe” on the street). The drug is famous for two things:

  1. Making VR appear completely surreal while also getting you extremely high off endorphin release triggered by your overwhelmed brain.
  2. Destroying your ability to feel as your pain receptors become dull and eventually die off.

The Musashi used to be headed by a man simply known as the “Old One”. After a nasty blood feud within the gang, a new gangboss took over. Zero has been leader of the Musashi ever since, and while the gang’s influence has waned over the last three years every blue plate has enough sense to steer clear of them if possible.

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