5 Minutes to Midnight


Secrets fill graves...

The group came face to face with Zero, the leader of the Musashi and was on the cusp of finally getting to the bottom of the The Tiller Group murders. But the rabbit hole was much deeper. A mysterious assailant made quick work of the Musashi ‘Make Believe’ production facility. Noemi faced off against the threat head-on and was punished for her efforts. Zero was able to hold off the mystery guest long enough for the group to recover vital data on who was pulling the strings of this shadowy puppet show. After one final effort to destroy their deadly pursuer, the group was dealt a deadly blow; their TAPs attacked and destroyed. Bunny went out in a blaze of glory, dragging their assailant with him 100 floors down, but even that failed to stop the stubborn fucker. The group is on death’s door and it’s about to close. But you know what they say about closed doors and open windows…




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