5 Minutes to Midnight

Binary Blues

After months of recovery, the team returned with new implants in tow. The Tiller Group, who was responsible for their miraculous recovery, is their new employer. The gang found themselves indebted to Roal Stevens and his mega-corp, forced to work off the value of their experimental new tech. Leo Holmes is presumed KIA; his office trashed and signs of a major struggle suggest the hard ass at least put up a fight. LXE (Lexie) contacted Noemi and company for help, afraid to reveal her location to The Tiller Group. A trap was set to catch LXE’s dogged pursuer red-handed and the gang came face to face with the mysterious assailant who put their asses in traction the first time around. The tables were turned in this grudge match however, and the would be assassin barely limped away from the fight. Their contractual obligation to Tiller Group led them to a fleeing former employee hoping to be smuggled out of the country by Mubato LTD in exchange for corporate secrets. The gang gave chase, turning downtown into a warzone. Mike D almost bit the dust, leaving a stain the length of a Fragball field on the pavement. Garuku secured the asset while Noemi battled an enemy Mubato agent. The mission was a success in the end. Elsewhere Garuku tried to determine the identity of the ruthless bounty hunters chasing him down, accidentally stumbling upon some disturbing evidence that indicated him in the murder of his wife. Noemi received a surprise of her own when a heavily modified Bunny Bronson returned from the dead, revealing his true identity as NoNo bear. New pieces to the puzzle keep presenting themselves, but like a deconstructed watch, all the parts are there but nothing is coming together. Hopefully the hard-luck heroes can put everything together before it’s too late to turn the clock back.



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