5 Minutes to Midnight

Secrets fill graves...

The group came face to face with Zero, the leader of the Musashi and was on the cusp of finally getting to the bottom of the The Tiller Group murders. But the rabbit hole was much deeper. A mysterious assailant made quick work of the Musashi ‘Make Believe’ production facility. Noemi faced off against the threat head-on and was punished for her efforts. Zero was able to hold off the mystery guest long enough for the group to recover vital data on who was pulling the strings of this shadowy puppet show. After one final effort to destroy their deadly pursuer, the group was dealt a deadly blow; their TAPs attacked and destroyed. Bunny went out in a blaze of glory, dragging their assailant with him 100 floors down, but even that failed to stop the stubborn fucker. The group is on death’s door and it’s about to close. But you know what they say about closed doors and open windows…


Fresh Start, Stale Kills
The group works to find the mysterious gangster, Zero, but one member finds that his past won't stay dead.

The group delves deeper into the mysterious deaths plaguing the Tiller Group’s employees. Following a tip, the group are en-route to a Musashi safe-house that might be hiding the group’s dangerous leader, Zero. A startling betrayal by the strange Max now has the heroes fighting for their lives as Garuku’s deadly past has finally caught up with him. Will the AI and his companions be able to defeat their ruthless new foe?

Start the clock
Welcome to Denver. Welcome to the End.

The band, consisting of a former star, her gruff bodyguard, and the secretive AI gun-for-hire met with the expert Negotiator, Leo Holmes. After detailing a recent rash of murders involving a leading global conglom and cannibalistic tech-thieves, the group sought out information on the leading suspect, Zero, the mysterious figure who controlled the Musashi, a violent gang known for peddling the street drug Immersion. After scouting the local drug front of the gang, the group was forced to reveal themselves when a brutal attack by insane ‘borgs’ broke out in the club. After defeating the psychotic cyborgs the group discovered that a strange outside party was controlling the carnage, seeking out the very same thing as their employer, Zero. All roads lead to this self proclaimed ‘Neo Samurai’ of Olde Aurora. After recuperating and learning small fragments about Holmes’ tragic assistant, LXE, the group departed with tech expert and street surgeon Max for a safe-house that could be housing their quarry. But Max would have other plans when he openly attacked the group, specifically targeting Garuku, going so far as to call him out by a his true name, which he has been fleeing for years.


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